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Songs to Live For
A project by
Swati Khurana, Parijat Desai Dance Company & LotusVisual

“Songs To Live For, a multi-media dance theater work based on Hindustani vocal music, explores the profound longing evoked by this thumri and khayal in particular to investigate gender and desire. Responding to the quality of the music—its spacious vocals and rhythmic punctuations— Parijat Desai Dance Company dancers move alone, in pairs, and as an ensemble, in a blend of postmodern dance and classical gesture, set against visual projections by Swati Khurana and LotusVisual”.


Songs to Live For premiered at the Tribeca Performing Arts Centre in 2010, and has since travelled to Park Hotel (New Delhi), ICCR Auditorium (Kolkata), NCPA/Experimental Theatre (Mumbai), Park Hotel (Hyderabad), St. John's Auditorium (Bangalore), Museum Theatre (Chennai).

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