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Unsuitable Girls
A participatory project by
Swati Khurana & Anjali Bhargava
UnSuitable Girls have made choices to step outside of socially accepted norms. We have been girls who seek love, desire and adventure from often other unsuitable girls and boys. We take risks, we never play dumb, we have strong opinions, we use fighting words, we stay up late, we love our families while challenging them to accept us and the communities and families we create. Some of us even have the audacity to believe we can change the world. To commemorate this UnSuitability, Swati Khurana has created a series of trophies with engraved text that celebrate our reluctant, disheveled, un-proper selves. Anjali Bhargava has photographed South Asian Women posing with these trophies.
Most Reluctant Housekeeper
Most Apprehensive Fiancé
Least Generous Sister
Least Suitable Girl
Least Available Daughter
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